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Our Instructor Support Team is here for you to help you through your course creation needs. Use our Chat features or schedule a one on one phone meeting with one of our Instructors who will walk you through the process. Become an Instructor with STEMClouds and be connected to other instructors to get peer-to-peer support from our engaged instructor community.

Mindset: Be A Reflective Practitioner Golden Rule: Be a reflective practitioner who is continually honing his teaching practice. Without this, it is unlikely that he will be able to successfully make the pedagogical shift to online teaching.

a. Teaching online requires a whole different set of strategies, tools, and techniques.

Repackaging a face-toface class won’t work.

b. Take a “life-long” learning approach to professional development, recognizing that technologies and best practices in online education evolve quickly.

c. Collect student feedback at defined intervals to fuel course revisions. “Every course is a Beta test.”.

The online delivery of a course can be a challenging prospect, as switching from on-site (or brick) to online (or click) is a significant change.

However, the academic quality and rigor of the course should not be determined by whether it is on-site or online. Develop your course the way you would ideally like it to be delivered -- then work with the online team to facilitate that delivery using the variety of online tools available to instructors today.


  • Keepa – Safe Distance Habit Trainer

    Keepa is a habit trainer that gives users a nudge in the right direction, helping them  keep a safe social distance. One of…

    90.00 د.إ 75.00 د.إ Add to cart
  • BBC Micro:bit

    What is micro:bit
    micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!
    From dancing robots to banana keyboards, your micro:bit has all the features you…

    99.00 د.إ Add to cart
  • Grove Zero Bit Kit micro:car

    This kit includes a micro:bit and other important Grove Zero modules to let you make a compact and cool car robot in a few seconds.

    269.00 د.إ Add to cart
  • Grove Zero Car Kit

    A cool automated car in this kit are ready for you to use as soon as you snap it together. The car is assembled easily with only 4 modules…

    309.00 د.إ Add to cart